Yeast Gene Duplications

Ken Wolfe, Cathal Seoighe and Denis Shields
Genetics Department, Trinity College Dublin

Try our new Yeast Gene Order Browser instead (

The website you are viewing, "Yeast Gene Duplications" (YGD) was developed in 1997 to support our first analysis of genome duplication in S. cerevisiae (K.H. Wolfe & D.C. Shields, Nature 387:708, 1997). The information it presents has not been updated since 1999.

In 2005 we developed a new graphical browser (YGOB) for viewing synteny relationships and genome duplication in the sequenced hemiascomycete yeast genomes. YGOB presents multi-species comparisons and is superior in many ways to the information presented in YGD. Almost all of the information in YGD is also available in YGOB. We suggest that you use YGOB instead, but we continue to make this YGD site available as an archive.
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